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Neurofeedback Therapy: A Boon to Humanity — February 10, 2021

Neurofeedback Therapy: A Boon to Humanity

Neurofeedback (also known as Biofeedback) therapy can help to provide long-term improvement or help to resolve the following problems/issues with reduced or no need of assistance of medications:  

Dietary & Digestive 

Lack of Appetite Awareness; Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation; Picky Eater; Sugar Craving; Anorexia; Bulimia; Hypoglycemia; Gastric &/or Esophageal Reflux. 

Physical Diagnostics using Neurofeedback

Substance Addiction/Dependency, (mTBI) Mild Traumatic Brain Injury as a result accidents, fall, military combat), Sleep Disturbances including insomnia, sleep walking, nightmares/terrors, night sweats, Bruxism (teeth grinding), snoring; Body Tension and Pain; Restless Leg Syndrome; PMS; Muscle Spasms; Decreased Peak Performance Training for work and/or sports including balance, coordination, reflexes, and timing, Trigeminal Neuralgia; Tinnitus (ear ringing). 

Visual Sensory 

Dyslexia, Reading Comprehension, Math Calculation, Touch/Noise Sensitivity, Handwriting Performance; Sensory Integration; Lack of Body Awareness; Lack of Pain Awareness; Compulsive Eating; Decreased Environmental Awareness; Poor Math Understanding of Math Concepts. 


Verbal Expression; Common Sense; Sensory Integration; Social/Emotional Awareness; Muscle Spasms; Poor Math Calculation; Decreased spatial, balance/coordination, reflexes, and timing; Dyslexia; Motor/Vocal Tics; Body/Spatial Awareness; Bed Wetting; Learned Skilled Movements (gross/fine motor coordination); Handwriting; Left/Right Body Confusion  


including Bipolar (manic-depressive) Disorder; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to military combat, physical and emotional abuse, divorce, death in family, etc.; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to include Anxiety: includes obsessive worrying, compulsive behavior, emotional reactivity, fear, anger, paranoia, attachment disorder due to abandonment &/or neglect; Depression including social/emotional disconnect, lack of motivation, self-isolation, obsessive negative thoughts, emotionally overwhelmed, poor optimism, rage, identity disorder; Stress (non-traumatic) due to performance pressure at work, school, and/or sports 


Headaches (chronic); Migraines; Sciatica (leg nerve pain; Fibromyalgia (chronic nerve and muscular pain); Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid); Seizures Disorders; High Blood Pressure; Allergies (seasonal and food); Asthma (mild to severe); Chronic Pain due to previous injury, accident, surgery, or otherwise unknown reason. 


ADD/ADHD; OCD; Anger; Aggression; Emotional Reactivity; Planning/Organization; Impatience; Impulse Control; Decreased Memory Retention (short &/or long-term); Oppositional Behavior; Self-Injurious Behavior; Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior; Physiological and Emotional Stability; Decreased ability to maintain &/or shift attention of tasks; Lack of Compassion/Empathy; Thrill Seeking; Frequent Mood/Energy Level Changes; Decreased Attention to Detail. 

Better Mind = Better Function 

Non-medication based mental and behavioral health rehabilitation neurological treatment and training. Treatment approach includes use of EEG Neurofeedback technology and skilled Occupational Therapy evaluation for specific individualized evaluation and treatment to help improve the client’s neurological self-regulation performance to help decrease and/or resolve mental, behavioral, and/or physical performance issues of concern that are adversely affecting his/her life. 

Our Verdict

EEG biofeedback can help treat many conditions from ADD to as different as substance addiction or even aggression. Neurofeedback therapy can even help you perform your best at sports and other activities. Bottom line, you can increase your quality of life by training your mind. Start setting and achieving goals for better living with the help of a neurofeedback practitioner.

The majority of people understand that diet and a consistent exercise regimen can increase health, strength and stamina. Sure you can work on your body and muscles, but what about your brain? Did you know you can train your mind? The fact is your brain, just like any other muscle or body part, can be trained for increased performance. It is similar to training a muscle for “strength” or your lungs for “stamina” in preparation to a marathon.

How Neurofeedback Therapy is Revolutionizing the Medical Industry? — February 8, 2021

How Neurofeedback Therapy is Revolutionizing the Medical Industry?

Do you suffer from ADD/ADHD, trauma, PTSD, anger issues, sleep disorders, or anxiety? These maladies can cause a huge impact on your lifestyle and if you do suffer from them you know how hard it can be to find relief.

What if we told you there was safe, non invasive help that can help you get your life back on track with no side effects or expensive medicines.

Yes you heard that right.

Here is a video that clearly show how it impacts your focus and productivity:

In a very simple procedure, the brain is taught to improve its ability to function.

You don’t have to struggle with finding other solutions to your problems. Neurofeedback therapy is safe, effective and life impacting. It lets you restore your brain, a reset if you will, so that you find balance again. Once you find balance your system restores you to a normal functioning person again.

Does that sound like something you would want to try out? Well thousands of people have discovered the effectiveness of neurofeedback therapy.

Millions of adults and children suffer from insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders and depression. Growing numbers of children have cognitive problems, ADHD, autism, are hypersensitive or over-reactive. Adults may suffer from chronic difficulties such as pain, fatigue and addictions. PTSD is a rapidly growing issue, for survivors of childhood trauma and returning vets. Millions of people are dependent on psychoactive medication, the only recognized treatment for these difficulties. Looking for help? Neurofeedback Therapy Bay Area with Carl Shames might be the answer.

Neuroscience shows that the common factor in all these problems is a brain that is not functioning or self-regulating properly. The brain itself must be healed.

Neurofeedback – brainwave biofeedback – is the leading new method that does just this. In a very simple procedure, the brain is taught to improve its ability to function. In the process, some difficulties are resolved very quickly, while others may take much longer, possibly requiring a more comprehensive program of therapies.

Neurofeedback Therapy can help you balance your brain as well.

Mindfulness and Neurofeedback (MIT Media Lab ) — February 4, 2021